Transactional Funding is a 1 day Bridge Loan that consummates
funding short sale, double closings (back to back) and flip
transactions allowing "you" to simultaneously close with your "

New Rules for an Old Game

The fastest spreading secret in short sale/REO investing and the key
to making money is the "back to back" closing through the use of
transactional funding. This method enables investors to turn a
profit immediately without using any of their own funds. In the
past, some investors used simultaneous closings or sometimes called
"dry closings" to accomplish the same goal. The problem was that
the closings weren't actually simultaneous. The closing agent would
simply use the end buyer's financing to fund the initial transaction.
Today, legislation dictates that closing agents and real estate
professionals execute these transactions in a very specific manner.
The two transactions, A (Seller) to B (Investor), then B (Investor) to
C (End Buyer), must be executed separately, in a "back to back"

Transactional funding is the accepted method of short term
financing necessary to fund the A to B transaction legally and
efficiently, and it is imperative that you select a closing agent that
specializes in "back to back" closings. Don't put yourself or your
deals at risk.

So, what do you do if you don't have the cash to close? Hard
Money? No way!

Transactional funding is much cheaper than Hard Money and more
profitable than not being able to close at all! Our fees are based on
loan amount, closing state, closing agent (if other than our
affiliates) and other factors.

Transactional Funding
Short Sale and Flip Transactional Funding Available Nationwide!!!
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