For all types of businesses, lending is tight right now and debt and credit
qualifications are even tighter. If you and your business for whatever
reason can’t qualify right now for funding, we can get you qualified in
no time! No more denied and bye!

You may very well qualify now for one or more of our lender’s funding
programs. If not, we will work with you to get you to the point where
you can qualify.

Through our nationwide program, “Fast Track to Financial Fitness for
Business”, we can help you to:

Boost your personal credit scores
• Remove negative accounts from all credit reporting agency files
• Post cash collateral and co-sign personal loans to build your credit
with local banks and credit unions

Settle or restructure your personal and business debt
• Renegotiate your long and short term debt to boost your cash flow
• Settle your accounts payable for pennies on the dollar

Boost your business credit
• Establish new accounts with national vendors regardless of your
personal credit situation
• Take advantage of discounts on goods and services with favorable
financing terms through our vendor network

Join our Affiliate Program
• Make money promoting our Fast Track to Financial Fitness Program

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